Aleksander Čeferin, Full of Lies?

I just translated the Josimar article that Pål Ødegård is a co-author of, “President’s Man” into Turkish. While doing that, I was fact checking and adding a few translators’ comments and I figured out that Čeferin’s Slovenian Federation CV was full of lies, regarding his executive committee roles both at NK Olimpija Ljubljana and NK FC Ljubljana Lawyers.

Well, in your article you’ve already debunked his NK Olimpija Ljubljana experience being limited to only 6 months instead of 5 years, which I first suspected to be just 6 months before the 2011 election.

Yet, NK Olimpija Ljubljana website does not remember Aleksander Čeferin at all. They didn’t even congratulate him for being elected UEFA President or what?

I can also confirm using records that by October 2010, Aleksander Čeferin was not in any executive capacity at NK Olimpija Ljubljana. Here is the screenshot from October 2010, just 4 months before the NZS election he won. So I wonder if he did really serve on NK Olimpija Ljubljana board at all.

But Aljosa Vekic from the club states states otherwise, as reported by Josimar:

“Mr Čeferin helped us acquire our current name for a short period in 2006 as an external legal advisor, and then became a board member in 2010.


Below are the Executive Management pages of now defunct unofficial fan site of NK Olimpija Ljubljana, These screen grabs are taken between November 2010 until May 2012.

Let’s first note that an unofficial club web site is not expected to update information as promptly & as accurately as the official web site (

Yet, this unofficial fan site exclusively features “executive traces” of Mr Čeferin, conveniently appearing 2 to 3 months before the NZS election on February 2011 and disappearing as late as February 2012 — this part, somehow understandable as the board of the club may have been changed a little later than the NZS elections. The thing is, we can not see this “very short term” executive role on the archives of the club’s official website.

As reported by the Josimar article, — despite the fact that, back in 2011 the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Law cleared Čeferin’s path towards presidency, by a pure mambo jambo, counting his club membership and legal advisory services offered to the club towards an executive experience — he is still listing, today, 2006–2011 being a NK Olimpija Ljubljana executive on his NZS CV is a proof of how crooked he is.

The other team he still lists himself on his CV, being an executive of is FC Ljubljana Lawyersan amateur veteran team.

It’s true that Aleksander Čeferin played football for FC Ljubljana Lawyers, he was a striker, and scoring 70 goals in 116 appearances over 5 seasons, indeed a good one:

Yet, as of June 2006 he’s not listed on this club’s executive board either.

This web page listing club’s executives is updated only after the NZS elections in 2011 and re-archived in 2012, this time the names of the executives being deleted. It’s also funny that since the 2010/11 season the club’s web site is not updated. Suspicious.

So, at least two of Čeferin’s pre-NZS football related executive experience is completely bullshit, CV make-up. I haven’t had time or the will to check the third one at “UO KMN Lesna Industrija Litija” (2005–2011).


As Josimar continued to dig further through Čeferin’s past. I felt the urge to investigate his Futsal Club Svea Lesna Litija experience as well. Well, as Josimar indicated, the futsal club’s website is redirecting to their Facebook page. But remembers the past. Here is their executive leadership page from March 2010 and of course no mention of Čeferin at all. Where, at least according to his UEFA & NZS profiles had to be a member of the executive board or “stalni sodelavec” a permanent fellow. Which one is it? Maybe we should ask Samantha Tina Lovše, the club’s president, who was also the VP of the intercommunal football asscoiation MNZ Ljubljana in 2014.

So it’s now proven beyond any doubt that all three so called football related executive roles of Aleksander Čeferin — used as eligibility criteria for his NZS Presidency — are completely exaggerated, manipulated, faked and forged.

Imagine what a man blatanly lying by forging his CV, just to be elected as his tiny local federation’s president (NZS Budget: €10.8M) can do to become the UEFA President (UEFA Budget €2.1B).

Fast Track Forgery to the Apex of European Football

1. It’s clear that Aleksander Čeferin couldn’t not have been elected NZS President in February 2011, if it were not for these imaginary executive roles.

2. Therefore, he couldn’t have been appointed to the UEFA Legal Committee in June 2011 (that was fast by the way), nor to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee in January 2012.

3. Therefore, he wouldn’t have been, let alone elected, even nominated as a candidate for UEFA Presidency.

4. Therefore, he couldn’t have been appointed — next month — as a FIFA Council VP.

Čeferin: The Chosen One, When & By Whose Hands?

If only UEFA had been an organization of undoubtable integrity, this case would’ve been on Dr. Thomas Partl’s desk — Head of UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body — by now. But I’m deeply terrified to discover that UEFA “profiled” Aleksander Čeferin as early as January 2, 2011, exactly a month and a half before he even became NZS President, and a whole month before he ise officially nominated. He’s probably the chosen one, the messiah, the karate kid. And I shouldn’t be messing with him.

And how serendipitous is that during this 2011 NZS Election, Michael van Praag, UEFA ExCo member, later to become Čeferin’s UEFA rival, was the UEFA observer to congratulate Čeferin first. Maybe it’s Van Praag who profiled him on at least a month earlier.

Carlos Gunnera.-